Australian Trusted Trader

Australian Trusted Trader

Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) is a partnership with Australian business to secure our borders and facilitate legitimate trade. ATT saves your business time and money through a range of benefits



Australian Trusted Trader accreditation is a mark of distinction. It signals that we have independently assessed and accredited your business against World Customs Organization standards.

As an Australian Trusted Trader, you can access benefits to save your business time and money.

What you get

Account manager

Your account manager will work with you to improve your compliance with border requirements and resolve border clearance issues.

Priority processing

You will receive priority processing through the National Trade Advice Centre and the National Refunds Intervention. This includes advance rulings in relation to tariffs, valuation and origin, advance ruling reviews, duty drawback claims, and refund and remission applications for customs import duty.

Priority treatment of goods at the border

As a Trusted Trader, we see your business as low risk and give you priority treatment at the border. This means faster customs processing and fewer interventions. If a cargo examination is required, you will receive priority processing.

Imports from Australian Trusted Traders are seen as low risk and undergo fewer checks when they arrive. For any issues experienced at the border, such as goods held for examinations, you can contact your account manager to ensure your goods receive priority treatment.

A seat at the table and exclusive invitations

Receive a seat at the table to work in partnership with us on initiatives related to your industry. You will also be invited to exclusive events for Australian Trusted Traders.

Use of logo

Trusted Traders have use of the Australian Trusted Trader logo. This logo is recognised internationally and gives others confidence in your business. The Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) logo builds confidence in Australian traders, and the security of their supply chain.

Mutual Recognition Arrangements

A number of countries recognise Australian Trusted Trader status under Mutual Recognition Arrangements. Trusted Trader exporters will receive trade facilitation benefits at the border of our partner countries, providing faster access to international markets.

Data​ reports

You can request monthly reporting on all goods imported or exported under your Australian Business Number. This can help you manage your data, and reduce the risk of fraud.

Direct Debit Report

If you are a Customs Broker, the Direct Debit Report benefit allows you to obtain a report listing the direct debit arrangement end dates for your clients.​

Simpler TSS visa process

If you want to offer work to a skilled person from overseas, your Trusted Trader accreditation will make this process simpler. You will receive priority processing through a streamlined process to become an accredited sponsor under the Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa.

Easier access to APEC Business Travel Card

Your Trusted Trader status makes the process of applying for an APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) easier. An ABTC allows you to visit certain countries in the Asia–Pacific region without applying for separate visas.

Consolidated Cargo Clearance​​​​​

Trusted Traders benefit from less red tape when importing consolidated cargo. You, or your licensed customs broker, can lodge a single import declaration for consignments covered by multiple cargo reports for all sea and air cargo types, paying only a single Import Processing Charge (IPC).

Consolidated Cargo Reporting

Consolidated Cargo Reporting allows yo​​u, as a Trusted Trader, or your Trusted Trader cargo reporter to lodge a single cargo report (instead of one for each supplier) for cargo consolidated overseas.

Australian Government partnerships

The Australian Government is progressing reforms to foster legitimate trade and provide Aust​​ralian businesses with a seamless border experience.

Australian Trusted Trader works in partnership with the Known Consignor initiative. Known Consignor affects businesses that need to meet the United States of America air cargo requirements.

Duty Deferral Plus

Duty Deferral Plus​ allows eligible Trusted Traders who defer Goods and Services Tax (GST) to defer the payment of duty, on most goods, to a consolidated monthly payment. A single invoice will be generated and sent electronically to the business and can be automatically deducted from your nominated bank account. This benefit assists Trusted Traders through increased cash flow and a reduction in administrative processes.

Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) Origin Advance Ruling

Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) Origin Advance Ruling, allows Trusted Trader importers to apply for a single advance ruling for goods under multiple tariff classifications and consignments, enabling use of a Declaration of Origin.

Origin Waiver

The Origin Waiver benefit saves time and money for Trusted Trader importers. Certificates or Declarations of Origin are no longer required under the following trade agreements:

  • Australia-Chile
  • Japan-Australia
  • Korea-Australia
  • Malaysia-Australia
  • Singapore-Australia
  • Thailand-Australia
  • Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
  • Australia-Hong Kong
  • Peru-Australia
  • Comprehensive and Progressive Economic Partnership Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership​
  • Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations Plus
  • Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.
  • Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA)

If requested by the ABF, standard commercial documentation (invoices, bills of lading) will support claims for preferential tariff treatment under these ten free trade agreements.

Contact us

Phone 1300 319 024 or email trustedtrader@abf.gov.au​ for more information about becoming an Australian Trusted Trader.​​