Australian Trusted Trader

Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) is a partnership with Australian businesses to streamline legitimate trade. Become an accredited trusted trader and save your business time and money.

Account manager

When you become a Trusted Trader, we will assign you with an Australian Border Force Officer (ABF) as your account manager.

Your account manager will be your single point of contact on border matters and will work with you to:

  • improve your compliance
  • where appropriate, resolve any border clearance issues impacting your supply chain or trade compliance
  • connect you to the right people across the ABF

Your account manager will update you on benefits, events, regulatory changes, and other information relevant to your business.

They can help you with questions such as:

  • What does good practice in supply chain security management look like?
  • How do I ensure compliance with customs-related laws?
  • Where do I go with immigration and visa enquiries?

Details of your account manager will be provided to you upon receiving accreditation.