If it doesn't feel right, flag it

Sometimes, threats can be detected within our border. So if you see something suspicious—or something that just doesn't feel right—flag it anonymously with Border Watch and help the Australian Border Force keep our community safe.

The Border Watch information campaign, 'if it doesn't feel right, flag it', encourages members of the community to report suspicious or illegal immigration, customs and border-related activity

Flag it



The Australian Border Force protects Australia, detecting more than 134 kilos of illicit drugs and inspecting over a million mail items a week.

But sometimes…

...threats can be detected within our border…

So, if you see something suspicious, or that just doesn't feel right.

Flag it anonymously with Border Watch…

Go and board the vessel, over.

…and help keep our community safe.

Flag it at Australia dot gov dot au slash border watch.

Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra.


Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra. Spoken by J. Smithers.

Before you make a report

You can choose to make a report anonymously.

If you have any concerns about being identified please consider submitting your report anonymously.

See reporting details

How to make a report

To make a report, you can complete the Border Watch reporting form. You can chose to remain anonymous.

If you cannot submit your report online, you can also make a report over the phone or by post or fax.

See reporting details