Australian Trusted Trader

Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) is a partnership with Australian business to secure our borders and facilitate legitimate trade. ATT saves your business time and money through a range of benefits

Consolidated Cargo Reporting

You as a Trusted Trader, or your Trusted Trader cargo reporter, can lodge a single cargo report (instead of one for each supplier) for cargo consolidated overseas.

This benefit complements the Consolidated Cargo Clearance (CCC) benefit by further streamlining the reporting of cargo consolidated overseas.

For all sea and air cargo, this means consolidated shipments can be reported using one cargo report and one import declaration as long as:

  • The cargo reporter/freight forwarder is a Trusted Trader
  • ​The importer is a Trusted Trader
  • The supplier details are listed in the full import declaration (FID)
  • The FID is lodged at least 48 hours prior to arrival at first port for sea cargo and 2 hours prior to arrival for air cargo

Australian Customs Notice – 2020/22 provides more detailed information about the CCR benefit.