Australian Trusted Trader

Consolidated Cargo Clearance

As a Trusted Trader, you will benefit from less red tape when importing consolidated cargo.

You, or your licensed customs broker, can lodge a single import declaration for consolidated cargo for all sea and air cargo types. This means you will only pay one Import Processing Charge (IPC).

Carriers and freight forwarders still need to provide cargo reports as they do now, but the consolidated shipment will be cleared on a single import declaration.

For all sea and air cargo, this means multiple suppliers can be listed on one import declaration when there is more than one transport line (HAWB/HBL/container) as long as:

  • the Ocean Bill of Lading or Master Airway Bill number is the same, and
  • the importer is a Trusted Trader.

Customs Notice – DIBPN 2017/32 provides more detailed information about this benefit.

For more information about reporting and declaration requirements, see cargo reporting and import declaration requirements.