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Direct Debit Report

The Direct Debit Report benefit allows Australian Trusted Traders who are Customs brokers to obtain a report listing the direct debit arrangement end dates for their clients.

Who is eligible for the Direct Debit Report benefit?

Australian Trusted Trader Customs brokers who have clients with direct debit arrangements are eligible for this benefit.

How do I access the Direct Debit Report benefit?

To access this benefit, Australian Trusted Trader Customs brokers will need to email a request to their account manager for a Direct Debit Report. The account manager will provide the Customs broker with their Direct Debit Report electronically. The report will include: the business ABN, business name, authorisation start and end dates and account monetary limit of the Customs broker’s nominated clients.

In the event that client direct debit information requires updating, please follow the standard Direct Debit Request (DDR) B320 form process. There is no requirement to opt-in for this benefit. To receive this benefit submit a request to your account manager whenever you require a report.