Australian Trusted Trader

Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) is a partnership with Australian businesses to streamline legitimate trade. Become an accredited trusted trader and save your business time and money.

Priority processing

As a Trusted Trader importer or exporter, you can access a priority processing service for advanced rulings relating to tariffs, valuation and origin of certain goods.

This gives you streamlined access to:

Advance rulings

Advance rulings are formal advices that give you precise and binding advice about tariffs, valuation and the origin of certain goods before you import them.

To apply for an advance ruling, print and complete the appropriate form:

Follow the instructions on the appropriate form to submit an application for an advance ruling. Include your Trusted Trader status in the comments and then email your account manager with the lodgement details, and they will expedite your request.

Advance ruling reviews

You can request a priority review of an advance ruling you have received on tariffs, valuation or origin before you import or export the goods noted in the ruling. After you submit the required documents, contact your account manager and request a priority review.

Duty drawback

In some cases you can claim customs import duty drawback.

Refund applications

Receive priority processing of your refund application if it is chosen for verification. Answer the questions and reply to the email with ‘Accredited Trusted Trader’ in the subject line. You should also copy your account manager in this correspondence.

Remission applications

We will prioritise processing of your customs import duty remission applications.