Can you bring it in?

​A guide to what you can and can't bring in to the country​​​​​​.​ When you’re travelling overseas​ or importing items, you need to know that some items can’t be brought back with you and for others you need to get permission.


Top items

There are a few items that we come across, or get asked about often. Some of them are allowed, some are not, and some require you to get a permit before bringing them in. Even if an item is allowed, there might be some caveats. Here are some of the common ones:

Fresh fruit

Apples, mandarins, oranges, and other fresh fruit, etc.

Duty free items

Alcohol, tobacco and general goods.

Prescription medicines

You can bring in medicines for personal use, but there are restrictions.

Homemade food

Meals, cakes or anything you made yourself can generally not come.