Immigration detention in Australia

We treat all people in detention with respect, dignity and fairness. While in an immigration detention facility, we provide appropriate food, medical, recreational and other support services, including mental health services.

​​​​​​​​Conditions of entry

Conditions of Entry are in place for your safety and the safety and security of detainees, our staff and the immigration detention facility. All visitors are required to acknowledge and agree to the Conditions of Entry.

If you do not agree to the Conditions of Entry you will be denied entry to the facility. Failure to comply with the Conditions of Entry during a visit may result in the visit being terminated.​

Read the Immigration Detention Facility Conditions of Entry - Form 1512B carefully before applying as it has recently changed.

Security and health screening

As a condition of entry when visiting an immigration detention facility, including some alternative places of detention as approved by the Minister, all visitors and their belongings are required to undergo security screening.

Visitors are also required to undergo a health screening process, including temperature triaging using a non-contact thermometer.

If you do not wish to undergo screening you cannot enter an immigration detention facility.​​