Border Force Officer Recruit Training Program

The Border Force Officer Recruit Training Program is our entry-level program.

Training Program structure

The training program is comprised of a mix of instructional (classroom based) and operational (on-the-job) training. During the classroom training you will be based at an ABF College campus and you’ll study the theory that you need to know to perform your duties as a Border Force Officer. You’ll need to pass mandatory assessments on the training content which could include:

  • legislation
  • powers
  • information and intelligence gathering
  • operational frame of mind
  • passenger processing
  • baggage and traveller search
  • detection
  • seizure processes
  • foundational tactics

During the program, you may also undertake some of the operational safety training package.

Generally, instructional training is completed Monday to Friday during business hours, although you may be required to work outside of these hours. We will organise your travel and flights if you need to travel interstate to attend any training.

On-the-job training involves rotations through various work locations/business areas in your region which may include shift work and weekend work. During this part of the training you will consolidate your instructional learning. There are also assessable components in this stage and you’ll need to work through a task book to demonstrate competency.

We regularly review our training courses to ensure recruits are equipped to deal with changing operational demand. The exact breakdown of your training, along with your training location will be confirmed with you during the verbal offer of employment.

Training and posting location

Jobs may not be offered in your preferred state or region. Training and posting locations available will be based on ABF operational requirements at the time the courses are due to commence.

If the location offered is not your current state, you will have to relocate at your own expense. It is important to remember that you will need to remain in your posted location on conclusion of your BFORT training.


Periods of leave during the training program are not often supported. Absences might impact your successful completion of the training program, as there are limited opportunities to catch up on the work.

Pay and conditions

With the ABF you will earn a good salary while you train, with generous superannuation.

Annual salary (AUD)Australian Public Service Level
BFORT - while you train 50, 801 (plus 15.4% superannuation) from 8 February 2020APS 2
Upon completion 57, 777 (plus 15.4% superannuation and applicable allowances) from 8 February 2020APS 3 (general duties)