Border Force Officer Recruit Training Program

The Border Force Officer Recruit Training Program is our entry-level program.

About our training program

Run across 12 months, the training program is intensive and prepares you for a career in the Australian Border Force (ABF).

As a trainee, you will have a mix of instructional and operational training.

During the operational (on-the-job) phase, you could be posted into a range of areas to complete your training.

Upon successful completion of both phases you will graduate as an Australian Public Service Level 3 (APS3) Border Force Officer (General Duties).

Hear from some of our trainees about their experience.

Watch Bess' Border Force story

When I inspected my first bag it was terrifying, but I guess you know the more you do, the more experience you have, the more comfortable you become. And it's not, you know I don't look at it as a suitcase, I look at the traveller in front of me as an experience. You learn something, you learn so much from so many different travellers. We're talking about, when you are in the airport environment there's people coming from all over the world. There's so much you learn and can take from that person.

First and foremost I'm a mother, I've got beautiful children. Being a mother I wanted to set a good example for my children, and I'd always loved and wanted to work in a law enforcement role. For me as a female I thought that would be empowering and that sets a good example for my children. So absolutely it's rewarding, empowering and all of the above.

It is I guess a very challenging programme to be put through, but you do have the support, you have the help, you have assistance if you seek it. And then you are within a team. You know our current team is 30 officers. We work together, we've pretty much become a family now.

If you want the help it's there – you're never left along, and I feel that's a good thing.