Prohibited goods


Police certification test

The police certification test is applicable to the following weapons listed in the Regulations:

  • Daggers
  • Blowpipes and blowpipe darts
  • Nunchakus
  • Crossbows and parts
  • Slingshots and parts
  • Star knives
  • Throwing knives
  • Throwing blades
  • Throwing axes

For weapons subject to the police certification test, importers should obtain a B709B form signed by the relevant police weapons registry in their state or territory. The completed and signed B709B form notifies the Australian Border Force that:

  • the applicant holds a licence or authorisation under state/territory law to possess the goods or
  • a licence or authorisation to possess the goods is not required under state/territory law

You must contact your state or territory police weapons registry to make an application to import weapons under the police certification test. A contact list is available below.

In some jurisdictions, police may issue a B709X form for certain weapons. The B709X form provides police certification for all residents of the relevant state or territory. It is only applicable where residents do not require a licence or authorisation to possess the weapons listed on the form. Residents of the relevant state or territory can import the weapons listed on the form without applying to the police for a B709B. Australian Border Force officers may require evidence that the importer is a resident of the state or territory that issued the B709X form. Contact your state or territory police firearms and weapons registry to find out if a B709X has been issued in your state or territory.