Tariff Advice System

​If you are seeking general tariff classification information or are a private individual wishing to import goods on a one-off basis, please contact us.

Formal Tariff Advice

The Tariff Advice System is designed to allow importers to seek an advance ruling on the classification of specific goods before importation. This is to assist them in making business decisions about future imports of specific goods prior to committing to importation.

Advice is given only upon specific goods from a specific manufacturer. Once an advice is given, it must be followed if those goods are imported. It should be noted that this service is designed for intended imports of new goods to allow business decisions to be made. It is not designed to deliver real-time advice on goods that are awaiting clearance. The service standard for the provision of advice under normal circumstances is 30 days and it can take longer at times of heavy demand.

The service is provided by us free of charge. Where an importer employs a broker to submit a Tariff Advice Application, the broker would normally charge for this service.

Applicants should provide detailed information about the goods under consideration. We are unable to classify goods where insufficient information is given.

We might refuse to issue an advice through the Tariff Advice System in certain circumstances. These circumstances might include where the applicant already holds an advice for the goods, where the goods are the subject of legal action or where classification is already being assessed as part of an active Tariff Concession Order application.

Applying for a Tariff Advice

Brokers and others with access to the TAPIN system can electronically submit Tariff Advice (TA) applications. You must then send the application by email or by hard copy, with supporting documents, within five days of the creation of the request in TAPIN.

If you don’t have access to the TAPIN system, you can request a TA manually by completing a Tariff Advice Application Form (June 2016) B102. Information on how to complete a B102 is on the back of the form, so it is important to print and view both sides.

There are also guidelines for the lodgement of Tariff Advices, also available on the media, publications and forms website, which apply to both documentary and electronic lodgements.

Where to lodge a Tariff Advice Application or make an enquiry regarding an existing application

Please send applications and supporting information within 5 days of TAPIN submission to the National Trade Advice Centre at:

or to:

National Trade Advice Centre
Department of Home Affairs
GPO Box 2809
or to one of our offices in your region.

If you have any enquiries about a tariff advice application please email tariffclassification@abf.gov.au.