Prohibited goods

The Australian Government controls the import and export of certain goods to and from Australia. The controls include:

  • an absolute prohibition, where you are not allowed to import or export the goods in any circumstances
  • a restriction, where you need to have written permission to import or export the goods

Which goods are prohibited?

This website provides general guidance only. On these pages you can find out:

  • which goods are prohibited
  • where to send a request to export or import your goods
  • where to obtain more information.
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Australia has very strict controls on the import and export of asbestos and asbestos-containing materials.

It is the responsibility of importers and exporters to ensure they do not import or export these materials.

If the ABF suspects that goods arriving at the border contain asbestos, the goods are detained and examined.

Find out how industry can prevent the import of asbestos


You are responsible for ensuring your goods can be imported or exported, and for ensuring they meet the relevant requirements under Australian law.

If you import or export prohibited or restricted goods without the relevant written permission or licence, your goods may be seized and you could face penalties of up to AUD 525,000 or 10 years imprisonment, or both.