Let Us Know You're Coming

​​If you're travelling by boat the master of a vessel arriving in Australia is required by law to give notice of impending arrival at least 96 hours before arrival. Penalties may apply for failure to do so.

If the journey to Australia is likely to take less than 96 hours then use the table below to work out when to give notice.


Likely duration of journey

Specified period


72 hours or more but less than 96 hours

72 hours


48 hours or more but less than 72 hours

48 hours


24 hours or more but less than 48 hours

24 hours


Less than 24 hours

12 hours

​​How to let us know you're coming

You can give 96 hours notice by either:

What you need to tell us

You will need to provide:

  • the name of your craft
  • the craft's country and port of registration
  • your intended first port of arrival
  • your estimated arrival time
  • the last four ports you visited
  • the details of people on board including name, date of birth, nationality and passport number
  • details of any illness or disease recently encountered
  • if you have any animals on board
  • if you have any firearms on board