Crossing the border

Passenger Movement Charge (PMC)

The Passenger Movement Charge (PMC) is a AUD 60 cost for the departure of a person from Australia for another country, whether or not the person returns to Australia. The PMC was introduced in July 1995 replacing Departure Tax, and is administered by the Department of Home Affairs (the Department) under the Passenger Movement Charge Act 1978 and collected under the Passenger Movement Charge Collection Act 1978.

How is PMC collected?

PMC is collected at the time a ticket is sold to a passenger and then forwarded by the carrier (airline carriers, shipping companies and air charter operators) to the Department.

Because manual collection of PMC is necessary for small itinerant flights and sea craft, an Australian Border Force Officer will collect AUD 60 directly from each passenger, or from the captain, or agent for each voyage for the total number of passengers at the place of departure. An official receipt is provided after payment of the PMC has been collected.

Where an arrangement with a carrier, air charter operator or shipping entity is in place, payment is made by direct credit. For manual collection, the following payment methods are available:

  • AUD 60 in cash; or
  • cheque payable to the Department of Home Affairs.

Does everyone have to pay the PMC?

The following passengers are exempt from payment of the PMC and should be identified at the time of ticket sale:

  • a person less than 12 years of age on the day of departure
  • a transit passenger passing through Australia to another destination overseas
  • an emergency passenger
  • a previous departure by a person from Australia by ship who is in the course of a journey (for example, round trip cruise)
  • a crew member of an aircraft or a ship.

Full details of exemption can be found in Section 5 Passenger Movement Charge Collection Act 1978.

How to establish a PMC arrangement

Regular public transport operators, Air Charter and Shipping Operators should establish an Arrangement through the Department. Carriers should complete a Client Particulars Form and send it to  pmcadministration@abf.gov.au. The Department will prepare the Arrangement and forward the documentation to the carrier for completion and execution.

For further information, contact the PMC administration office.

PMC refunds

Passengers are eligible for a refund of AUD 60 if:

  • the departure did not occur
  • the departure takes place, and the person returns to Australia without entering another country
  • a flight is cancelled and the person does not travel
  • a PMC exemption was incorrectly applied
  • a person is entitled to a refund under the PMC regulations.

A request for refund should be made directly from the carrier. If the PMC has been paid to the Department, the passenger should write to pmcadministration@abf.gov.au to formally request a refund and provide details of travel, proof of purchase and /or method of payment. Carriers can also request a refund on behalf of a passenger directly with the Department. If the travel is re-booked, the PMC liability will be applied to the new travel arrangements by the carrier.

Code-share and PMC

A Code-share agreement is where two or more airlines share the same flight. One airline is the operating carrier (whose aircraft and crew operate the flight) and the other airline is the marketing carrier. Reporting and payment of PMC responsibilities are outlined in the PMC Arrangement for regular public transport operators with passengers travelling under code-share agreements. Carriers must report to the Department all existing, new or changed commercial code-share agreements.


PMC Remittance and Accounts

Passenger Movement Charge Unit
Department Of Home Affairs
GPO Box 2809
Melbourne Vic. 3001
Fax: 03 9244 8908
Email: pmc@homeaffairs.gov.au

PMC and Policy

PMC administration Office
Department Of Home Affairs
6 Chan Street
Belconnen ACT 2617
Email: pmcadministration@abf.gov.au