Sanctions imposed on sponsors of skilled foreign workers

​​​​​​​Register of sanctioned sponsors

This register of sanctioned sponsors lists details of sponsors who have breached their sponsorship obligations since 18 March 2015.

If you suspect a sponsor has breached their sponsorship obligations, you can report it anonymously to Border Watch.

For information on Australian workplace entitlements, go to Fair Work Ombudsman.

To the extent that the information contained on this webpage is personal information Australian Privacy Principal 6.2(b) permits the Australian Border Force to disclose the personal information of an individual where a law requires us to do so. The information published on this page is published pursuant to, and in conformity with, the mandatory publication requirements as set out in subsection 140K(4) of the Migration Act 1958.​​​

Note: This page is subject to monthly updates. Sponsors who have been found to have breached their obligations and are subject to sanctions may not appear until updates are applied​

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