Civil maritime security threats

Our operations are tailored to counter civil maritime security threats to Australia’s border including:

  • Illegal maritime arrivals
  • Prohibited import and export activities
  • Piracy, robbery and violence at sea

We also protect our maritime domain against maritime terrorism including:

  • Attacks on critical infrastructure
  • attacks on vessels and commercial interests
  • environmental and biological attacks

We also assist in preventing threats to Australia’s biosecurity and the natural environment, including marine pollution.

We target and prevent:

  • illegal fishing by foreign fishing vessels and domestic fisherman
  • illegal removal or destruction of wildlife
  • activities that cause unlawful damage to the ecosystem

We have a significant presence in protected areas:

  • within designated marine reserves and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
  • around Australia's offshore oil and gas installations, submerged pipelines and cables
  • around declared historic wreck sites