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​​​​​​​Roles within the ABF

ABF staff work across a range of different areas including:

  • Airports
  • Mail and cargo examination facilities
  • Ports, wharves and cruise ship terminals
  • Regional offices
  • Operational command centres
  • Detention centres
  • Aboard marine vessels
  • Investigations
  • Policy
  • Customs and trade
  • Human resources
  • Finance​

Support roles​

General support roles are positions that support the ABF to achieve its goals. Support roles are typically non-uniformed, general Australian Public Service positions. These positions can be in offices across Australia. General support roles are available at all APS levels and across a number of work areas, including:

  • HR
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Policy

We advertise these roles as required through the Department’s career opportu​nities. Roles can be offered as ongoing, non-ongoing, or on a casual basis.

Specialis​​t roles

​Marine Unit

Specialist roles in the Marine Unit include:

  • Commanding Officers
  • Marine Engineers
  • Marine Unit Cooks
  • Marine Communications and Technical Officers, and
  • Marine Tactical Officers (MTOs).

The ABF marine force conduct a range of border enforcement activities throughout the Australian Maritime exclusive economic zones. These activities include offshore maritime patrols and response, surveillance and deterrence activities that support civil maritime security operations.

MTO crew perform varied duties, including:

  • boarding operations
  • bridge and engine room watch keeping
  • deck and engine room tasks and maintenance
  • meal preparation and
  • vessel cleaning tasks.

MTOs may operate on board a range of ABF Cutters and other vessels.

This work involves spending substantial time away from home for extended periods. This is usually up to 31 days but could be up to 36 days on a Fly In Fly Out roster. People interested in these types of roles must be:

  • able to perform duties in the maritime environment. This includes lengthy deployments on unstable platforms in uncertain and variable weather and sea conditions
  • compatible with sharing facilities, when living in the close constraints of a vessel for a long period.
  • able to deploy for at least 31 days at a time with no opportunity to return to port or home
  • flexible and use initiative in response to allocated work. Including assisting with work outside of assigned responsibilities.

Roles in the Marine Unit are very competitive. Military seagoing experience, maritime experience, or similar, is highly desirable.

We advertise specialist and direct entry roles in the Marine Unit through ​​current opportunities

Detector Dog Program

The Detector Dog Program is very competitive. It is typically recruited internally, from suitably experienced officers already working for the ABF. See the Detector Dog Program page for more information.​