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Diversity champions video

Diversity Champions video

Kingsley Woodford-Smith: As your Champions, it is our job to make sure everyone is supported to bring their authentic selves to work each day.

Bradley Armstrong: Our workplace actively welcomes and includes its people; and we continue to build an inclusive, accessible and disability-confident workplace.

Luke Mansfield: We encourage and develop our people who have many different cultural backgrounds, and speak many languages.

Sharon Huey: We provide a supportive and inclusive workplace for all LGBTI plus staff.

Andrew Kefford: We strive to promote acceptance, understanding and respect for all staff who identify outside of the binary.

Paul Grigson: We take great pride in celebrating the proud culture and history of our nation’s first people.

Sharon Huey: We remain committed to increasing the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff,

Kingsley Woodford-Smith: and contributing to closing the gap initiatives.

Luke Mansfield: Gender equality is integrated into our policies and procedures,

Paul Grigson: and we provide equitable access to flexible working arrangements for all staff.

Sharon Huey: By removing employment-related disadvantage and barriers to participation,

Andrew Kefford: we drive innovation, performance and productivity by empowering our diverse workforce.

Kingsley Woodford-Smith: We utilise the unique skills, ideas, perspectives and qualities that our people contribute every day.

Bradley Armstrong: Diversity is being respected for our individual skills, experience and ambitions—it’s about all of us