Free trade agreements


The China – Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) was signed on 17 June 2015, during an official ceremony at Parliament House in Canberra.

The implementing legislation for the proposed ChAFTA was introduced into Parliament on 16 September 2015.

More information, including the text of the ChAFTA is available on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

Entry into force

Australia’s Free Trade Agreement with China entered into force on 20 December 2015.


Practice Statement, Instructions and Guidelines and Notice

The Integrated Cargo System – claiming preference

To claim preferential tariff rates under ChAFTA, the following codes should be used in the ICS.

Preference Scheme Type

TypeDescription of Preference Scheme


China – Australia Free Trade Agreement

Preference Rule Types (select the appropriate Rule Type

Rule Type  Description of Origin Criteria
WOwholly obtained goods
WPgoods produced entirely from originating materials
PSRgoods produced from non-originating and/or originating materials and satisfy the applicable product specific rules of origin requirements as listed in the ChAFTA Regulations.

For more information see Integrated Cargo System – Claiming Preferential Tariff Rates

Applying for an origin advice ruling

The Department will provide written advice, upon request, for determining whether a good originates from China for the purposes of claiming ChAFTA preference.

Certificate of Origin (COO)


Email: CHAFTA@abf.gov.au 
Telephone number: 1300 805 876