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To become a Border Force Officer and protect our border and our community, you must be:

In addition to the above eligibility requirements, to apply for the Border Force Officer Recruit Training Program (BFORT) you must:

  • be willing to complete Operational Safety Training and be willing to carry and use personal defence equipment, including a firearm, if required
  • have completed a Year 12 education, or Year 10 with a trade certificate or a Cert IV and/or equivalent or relevant work experience
  • be prepared to meet our requirements as outlined below.

Meet our requirements

​To work as a Border Force Officer you will need to:

  • be operationally ready (by attaining and maintaining the required medical and fitness standards.
  • swear the ABF oath or affirmation
  • wear a uniform if the position requires
  • actively participate in career management (ABF postings and deployments)
  • be able to be deployed at short notice across a range of operational domains

You may also be required to complete a working with children or vulnerable persons check and meet required psychometric standards.

Medical, fitness and psychometric standards

For general recruitment, you must meet the ABF medical requirements to be deemed operationally ready.

You must undergo the ABF Medical Assessment with a suitably qualified medical practitioner, contracted by the Department of Home Affairs, and receive certification that you have the minimum level of health required to safely carry out the duties of a Border Force Officer.

You must also successfully complete the ABF’s Basic Fitness Assessment (BFA) which will test your upper and lower body strength, core stability and aerobic capacity.

A number of our roles require increased medical, fitness and psychological standards. To be recruited to these roles, you will need to successfully complete a Functional Fitness Assessment which will include a test of your flexibility, agility, strength, balance, coordination, power, speed and endurance. We may also require you to undergo periodic re-assessment.

Prior to attempting the Functional Fitness Assessment, you will be required to undergo a medical assessment where a medical practitioner will perform a comprehensive examination covering all body systems including but not limited to blood pressure, and examination of heart, lung, abdomen, limbs and vision. This assessment is a prerequisite for participation in the Functional Fitness Assessment to ensure that you meet a minimum level of health required to attempt the Functional Fitness Assessment safely.

Roles that require the Functional Fitness Assessment:

  • positions requiring Use of Force
  • Marine Unit roles requiring a current Australian Maritime Safety Authority Certificate of Medical Fitness
  • Operational Safety Training Instructors
  • Detector Dog Unit staff
  • other roles as determined by the ABF

Use of Force

The ABF ensures that officers are appropriately trained, equipped and accredited to be capable to perform effectively across a broad range of operational domains including, when necessary, the ability to apply the appropriate level of force to exercise statutory powers, including to protect themselves or others. 

As a Border Force Officer you may be assigned to perform duties that require training in use of force procedures and techniques. As such you must be able to successfully complete operational safety training and be willing to carry and use a firearm and/or personal defence equipment if required. You must successfully complete specific psychometric, medical and fitness assessments in order to be eligible to participate in operational safety training. These health and fitness requirements are to a higher standard than those of a Border Force Officer who is not required to use force as part of their role.

Operational Safety Training Instructors

Operational Safety Training is provided to selected officers occupying positions that may be required to manage people who are physically non-compliant or to defend themselves from physical attack. The role of Operational Safety Training instructors is to ensure ABF officers are trained, equipped and accredited to operate appropriately across operational domains.

Detector Dog Unit Staff

Detector Dog Handlers are required to successfully complete the Detector Dog Trainee Course. To ensure participants meet required fitness standards they must satisfactorily complete the DDP Health Screening Questionnaire and successfully meet specific fitness standards. 

ABF oath or affirmation

You will take an oath or affirmation when you are sworn in as a Border Force Officer. This reaffirms your commitment to uphold our values and behaviours and execute your duties according to law, while upholding our reputation.